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Effects of insect hormones on hemagglutination activity in two members of the Culex pipiens complex.

Effects of methoprene and 20-hydroxyecdysone on the development and hemagglutination activity (HA) were studied in both sexes of two members of the Culex pipiens complex-anautogenous C. p. quinquefasciatus and autogenous C. p. molestus. Juvenile hormone analogue (methoprene) and 20-hydroxyecdysone caused developmental changes in both mosquito strains. High larval mortality, prolongation of intermolt period in each larval instar and in the pupal stage, and morphological changes in the larval-pupal and pupal-adult transformations were also observed. Developmental changes were accompanied with some differences in the HA. HA was found in both sexes of both experimental mosquito strains. The juvenile hormone analogue used in the larval stage caused significant decrease of HA in the gut of adults of both sexes. On the other hand, 20-hydroxyecdysone decreased HA only in the female gut. Results obtained indicate that HA depends on the sex, the studied organ, and the level of hormones.[1]


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