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The systemic movement of a tobamovirus is inhibited by a cadmium-ion-induced glycine-rich protein.

Systemic movement is central to plant viral infection. Exposure of tobacco plants to low levels of cadmium ions blocks the systemic spread of turnip vein-clearing tobamovirus (TVCV). We identified a tobacco glycine-rich protein, cdiGRP, specifically induced by low concentrations of cadmium and expressed in the cell walls of plant vascular tissues. Constitutive cdiGRP expression inhibited systemic transport of TVCV, whereas suppression of cdiGRP production allowed TVCV movement in the presence of cadmium. cdiGRP exerted its inhibitory effect on TVCV transport by enhancing callose deposits in the vasculature. So cdiGRP may function to control plant viral systemic movement.[1]


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