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Protection evaluation against Chlamydophila abortus challenge by DNA vaccination with a dnaK-encoding plasmid in pregnant and non-pregnant mice.

Mice were intramuscularly immunized with a dnaK-encoding DNA plasmid. The protective effect of DNA immunization against Chlamydophila abortus infection was studied in pregnant and non-pregnant mice models. In non-pregnant mice, the dnaK vaccine induced a specific humoral response with the predominant IgG2a isotype, which failed to have in vitro neutralizing properties. No delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction was observed and the spleens of dnaK vaccinated-mice were not protected against C. abortus challenge. In pregnant mice, the dnaK vaccine induced a non-specific partial protection from abortion. This may be due to the immunogenic properties of the CpG motifs of bacterial DNA present in the vaccinal plasmid backbone. Nevertheless, spleens of dnaK vaccinated-pregnant mice were not protected.[1]


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