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GATA-factor dependence of the multitype zinc-finger protein FOG-1 for its essential role in megakaryopoiesis.

The function of GATA transcription factors in diverse developmental contexts depends in part on physical interaction with cofactors of the Friend of GATA (FOG) family. However, previous studies indicate that FOG-1 may play a GATA-1-independent role in early megakaryopoiesis, suggesting that FOG proteins might act in a GATA factor-independent manner. Here, we have generated mouse knock-in (KI) mutants harboring a critical valine-to-glycine substitution in the amino-terminal zinc fingers of GATA-1 and GATA-2 to ablate FOG interaction. In contrast to male GATA-1(KI) (GATA-1 is located on the X-chromosome) or GATA-2(KI/KI) mice, compound GATA-1(KI) GATA-2(KI/KI) mutant mice display complete megakaryopoietic failure, a phenocopy of FOG-1(-/-) mice. We conclude that FOG-1 requires an interaction with either GATA-1 or -2 as part of its essential role in early megakaryopoiesis. On the basis of these and previous reports, we infer that GATA factor dependence is a critical aspect of FOG protein function.[1]


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