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Refractive error and monochromatic aberrations in Singaporean children.

Higher order optical aberrations were measured in 273 cyclopleged Singaporean school children using a Bausch and Lomb Zywave aberrometer, with 268 of these subjects also undergoing corneal topography measurements (Tomey TMS 2 system). Subjects with low myopia (> -3.00 to -0.50 D) showed slightly, but significantly, less positive levels of spherical aberration than other refractive error groups. Chinese subjects also showed significantly higher amounts of aberrations than Malay subjects, particularly for vertical coma, but also for horizontal coma and spherical aberration. Anterior corneal spherical aberration (calculated from topography) was significantly correlated with whole eye spherical aberration, but did not vary significantly with refractive error or racial background. Residual spherical aberration (i.e. of posterior cornea and crystalline lens) did vary significantly with refractive error and race. Our results do not provide any evidence for aberration-driven form-deprivation as a major mechanism of myopia development.[1]


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