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Lens, Crystalline

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  • These allelic cataract mutations provide the first direct evidence that MIP plays a crucial role in the development of a transparent eye lens [7].
  • The murine Elo (eye lens obsolescence) mutation confers a dominant phenotype characterized by malformation of the eye lens [8].
  • The eye lens contains a structural protein (alpha-crystallin), composed of two homologous primary gene products, alpha A2 and alpha B2 [9].
  • We now show that protein S has a striking homology with the beta- and gamma-crystallins of the vertebrate eye lens which are beta-sheet proteins with internally duplicated structures [10].
  • The three-dimensional structure of the eye lens protein, bovine gamma-crystallin II, has been determined at 2.6 A resolution [11].

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  • For AR two primers (derived from the sequence of the rat eye lens) were chosen which amplify a 668-bp product [27].
  • Of importance, the level of cyclin D1 was also elevated in eye lens of the c-mos-transgenic mice compared to normal mice [28].
  • Gamma-crystallin genes are specifically expressed in the eye lens [29].
  • The sequence relationship between the small heat shock proteins and the eye lens protein alpha-crystallin (Ingolia, T. D., and E. E. Craig, 1982, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 79: 2360-2364) prompted us to subject rat lenses in organ culture to heat shock and other forms of stress [30].
  • alpha A-crystallin (alpha A) and alpha B-crystallin (alpha B) are among the predominant proteins of the vertebrate eye lens [31].

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