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Cell-specific distribution of oestrogen receptor-alpha in the bovine ovary.

In this study, the expression of estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha) in the bovine ovary is described. ERalpha was visualized by immunohistochemistry on paraffin sections of ovaries obtained from 11 non-pregnant and 2 pregnant animals. In general, ERalpha was not observed in cells of primordial, primary and secondary follicles, whereas weak expression was noticed in cells of healthy and arteric tertiary follicles. In corpora lutea cells the expression of ERalpha was obvious. Intermediate to high ERalpha expression was present in thecal cells and in cells of the superficial and deep stroma, tunica albuginea and surface epithelium. Furthermore, the expression of ERalpha in stroma and tunica albuginea cells was in general, highest in cows with the lowest plasma progesterone levels, and lowest in cows with the highest plasma progesterone levels. Remarkably, the ERalpha expression in pregnant cows was in general, lower than in non-pregnant cows with similar plasma progesterone levels. The relatively high expression of ERalpha in thecal and stromal cells in comparison with that in follicle cells suggests an indirect effect of estrogen on the follicular development. However, the exact function of ERalpha in the bovine ovary together with the cycle-dependent variations in ERalpha expression remain to be elucidated.[1]


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