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Structure-based screening as applied to human FABP4: a highly efficient alternative to HTS for hit generation.

The time-limiting step in HTS often is the development of an appropriate assay. In addition, hits from HTS fairly often turn out to be false positives and generally display unfavorable properties for further development. Here we describe an alternative process for hit generation, applied to the human adipocyte fatty acid binding protein FABP4. A small molecular ligand for FABP4 that blocks the binding of endogenous ligands may be developed into a drug for the treatment of type-2 diabetes. Using NMR spectroscopy, we screened FABP4 for low-affinity binders in a diversity library consisting of small soluble scaffolds, which yielded 52 initial hits in total. The potencies of these hits were ranked, and crystal structures of FABP4 complexes for two of the hits were obtained. The structural data were subsequently used to direct similarity searches for available analogues, as well as chemical synthesis of 12 novel analogues. In this way, a series of three selective FABP4 ligands with attractive pharmacochemical profiles and potencies of 10 microM or better was obtained.[1]


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