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Disease relevance of Adipocytes


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Chemical compound and disease context of Adipocytes

  • In fat cells obtained from acromegaly patients after an overnight fast, insulin binding at low hormone concentrations was significantly reduced by 20-30%, insulin-induced antilipolysis was unchanged, but glucose oxidation was unresponsive to insulin [16].
  • To examine the relevance of these effects in vivo, we studied white adipocytes from ob/ob mice during the development of obesity and after treatment with rosiglitazone [17].
  • Several cell lines were derived from hibernomas; among them, the T37i cells can undergo terminal differentiation into brown adipocytes, which remain capable of expressing ucp1 upon adrenergic or retinoic acid stimulation [18].
  • We conclude that lipocytes are an important source of proteoglycan in normal liver and may be the principal source of dermatan sulfate associated with hepatic fibrosis [19].
  • RESULTS: Control livers remained normal, whereas 10 of 12 baboons fed alcohol without PC developed septal fibrosis or cirrhosis with transformation of 81% +/- 3% of the hepatic lipocytes to collagen-producing transitional cells [20].

Biological context of Adipocytes


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Gene context of Adipocytes

  • Perilipin (encoded by the gene Plin), an adipocyte protein, has been postulated to modulate HSL activity [32].
  • We have identified the human winged helix/forkhead transcription factor gene FOXC2 as a key regulator of adipocyte metabolism [21].
  • Defective prelamin A processing and muscular and adipocyte alterations in Zmpste24 metalloproteinase-deficient mice [33].
  • Leptin has so far been reported to be secreted only by adipocytes and the placenta [34].
  • Secretion of leptin from adipocytes communicates body energy status to the brain by activating the leptin receptor long form (LRb) [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Adipocytes

  • By Northern analysis, freshly isolated human lipocytes exhibited low levels of mRNA expression for TIMP-1, but this increased markedly relative to beta-actin expression with lipocyte activation during cell culture [36].
  • Pulse-chase labeling followed by immunoprecipitation demonstrated that C/EBP is a rapidly turning over protein in adipocytes and that cytokine treatment led to a specific, time dependent decrease in its rate of synthesis [37].
  • The relative quantity of the 66-kD protein correlated with body mass index at r = 0.72. bFGF-related proteins probably function normally to maintain an appropriate complement of adipocyte precursors [38].
  • TIMP-1 was immunolocalized to human lipocytes, and secretion of TIMP-1 was confirmed by ELISA of culture media; (mean +/- SD) 159 +/- 79 ng of TIMP-1/10(6) cells per 24 h [36].
  • Oral administration of the cAMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor, aminophylline, was also effective in inhibiting the development of desensitization in fat cells [39].


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