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In the immune synapse, ZAP-70 controls T cell polarization and recruitment of signaling proteins but not formation of the synaptic pattern.

Recognition by T cells of their ligands at the surface of antigen-presenting cells (APCs) leads to T cell activation, polarization of the T cell toward the APC, and formation of an immune synapse. Using ZAP-70-deficient T cells expressing zeta-GFP, we show that ZAP-70 signaling drives the TCR-dependent reorientation of the microtubule-organizing center thus leading to relocation of a zeta-GFP(+) intracellular compartment close to the APC. ZAP-70 is also necessary to supply the synapse with the signaling molecules PKC-theta and LAT. In contrast, ZAP-70 is not required for clustering of zeta-GFP and CD2 or exclusion of CD45 and CD43 from the synapse. These data show that ZAP-70-dependent signaling is required for formation of a functional immune synapse.[1]


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