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Cell cycle inhibition by FoxO forkhead transcription factors involves downregulation of cyclin D.

The FoxO forkhead transcription factors FoxO4 (AFX), FoxO3a (FKHR.L1), and FoxO1a ( FKHR) represent important physiological targets of phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase (PI3K)/protein kinase B ( PKB) signaling. Overexpression or conditional activation of FoxO factors is able to antagonize many responses to constitutive PI3K/ PKB activation including its effect on cellular proliferation. It was previously shown that the FoxO-induced cell cycle arrest is partially mediated by enhanced transcription and protein expression of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27(kip1) (R. H. Medema, G. J. Kops, J. L. Bos, and B. M. Burgering, Nature 404:782-787, 2000). Here we have identified a p27(kip1)-independent mechanism that plays an important role in the antiproliferative effect of FoxO factors. Forced expression or conditional activation of FoxO factors leads to reduced protein expression of the D-type cyclins D1 and D2 and is associated with an impaired capacity of CDK4 to phosphorylate and inactivate the S-phase repressor pRb. Downregulation of D-type cyclins involves a transcriptional repression mechanism and does not require p27(kip1) function. Ectopic expression of cyclin D1 can partially overcome FoxO factor-induced cell cycle arrest, demonstrating that downregulation of D-type cyclins represents a physiologically relevant mechanism of FoxO-induced cell cycle inhibition.[1]


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