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The investigation and management of neonatal haemostasis and thrombosis.

These guidelines address developmental aspects of neonatal haemostasis and thrombosis, the laboratory investigation of the neonate, and the diagnosis and clinical management of haemostatic and thrombotic conditions occurring in this period (defined as the first 4 weeks of life following birth). Relevant scientific papers were identified by a systematic literature review from Medline 1975-2000 using index terms which incorporated the various component subjects of these guidelines. Further publications were obtained from the references cited and from reviews known to the members of the working party and to the Haemostasis and Thrombosis Task Force. Evidence and graded recommendations presented in these guidelines are in accordance with the US Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, as described in the Appendix. It will be noted that there is a lack of a strong evidence base for many of the recommendations suggested, as the appropriate clinical and laboratory trials have not been and perhaps never will be undertaken in neonates. Most of the recommendations are therefore of Grade C evidence levels IV: higher levels are mentioned specifically throughout the document when relevant.[1]


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