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Rad54, a Swi2/Snf2-like recombinational repair protein, disassembles Rad51:dsDNA filaments.

Rad54 protein is a member of the Swi2/Snf2-like family of DNA-dependent/stimulated ATPases that dissociate and remodel protein complexes on dsDNA. Rad54 functions in the recombinational DNA repair (RAD52) pathway. Here we show that Rad54 protein dissociates Rad51 from nucleoprotein filaments formed on dsDNA. Addition of Rad54 protein overcomes inhibition of DNA strand exchange by Rad51 protein bound to substrate dsDNA. Species preference in the Rad51 dissociation and DNA strand exchange assays underlines the importance of specific Rad54-Rad51 protein interactions. Rad51 protein is unable to release dsDNA upon ATP hydrolysis, leaving it stuck on the heteroduplex DNA product after DNA strand exchange. We suggest that Rad54 protein is involved in the turnover of Rad51-dsDNA filaments.[1]


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