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A shared surface of TBP directs RNA polymerase II and III transcription via association with different TFIIB family members.

The TATA box binding protein TBP is highly conserved and the only known basal factor that is involved in transcription by all three eukaryotic nuclear RNA polymerases from promoters with or without a TATA box. By mutagenesis and analysis on a selected set of four model pol II and pol III TATA box-containing and TATA-less promoters, we demonstrate that human TBP utilizes two modes to achieve its versatile functions. First, it uses a different set of surfaces on the conserved and structured TBP core domain to direct transcription from each of the four model promoters. Second, unlike yeast TBP, human TBP can use a shared surface to interact with two different TFIIB family members--TFIIB and Brf2--to initiate transcription by different RNA polymerases.[1]


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