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Genomic sequence of Wild potato mosaic virus as compared to the genomes of other potyviruses.

The complete nucleotide sequence of Wild potato mosaic virus (WPMV) was determined, showing that it is a distinct member of the genus Potyvirus (family Potyviridae). The genome consists of 9853 nucleotides and encodes a single polyprotein of 3065 amino acids. The 5'- and 3'-non translated regions (NTR) were 182 and 472 nucleotides, respectively. Alignment of the predicted WPMV polyprotein sequence with other members of the genus Potyvirus revealed nine putative cleavage sites resulting in ten mature proteins. Amino acid and nucleotide sequence identities and the exceptionally long 3'-NTR indicated a close relationship between WPMV and Potato virus V (PVV). Phylogenetic analysis based on the polyprotein and coat protein amino acid sequences grouped WPMV, PVV, Pepper mottle virus and Potato virus Y in one cluster distinct from other potyviruses.[1]


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