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Gene Review

PVYgp1  -  polyprotein

Potato virus Y

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Disease relevance of PVYgp1

  • Comparison of the PVY polyprotein sequence with that of other potyvirus polyproteins shows similarities in genome organization and a high level of identity along most of the polyprotein, except for the putative proteins flanking the helper component [1].
  • The nt sequence and the predicted aa sequence of the polyprotein of PVY-H were analysed pairwise with the only available complete sequence of PVY strain N (PVYn) and with the partial sequences of different PVY strains, as well as with other potyviruses and potyvirus-related plant viruses [2].
  • To test its proteolytic activity, the cDNA was modified so as to express the protease-polymerase-coat protein (CP) portion of PVY polyprotein in Escherichia coli [3].

High impact information on PVYgp1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PVYgp1

  • The result indicates that the CP gene cloned by PCR was functional and the PCR procedure was useful for producing biologically active cDNA clones from a single, long positive-sense RNA genome encoding a single, large polyprotein precursor, such as potyviruses [7].


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