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Polymorphism of esterase-10 in Mus musculus.

An esterase, esterase-10, in the house mouse, Mus musculus, is specific for esters of 4-methylumbelliferone and exhibits a polymorphism detectable by electrophoresis. Fifteen inbred strains and two outbred strains have been examined for this polymorphism, and two phenotypes, ES-10A and ES-10B, have been observed. Each phenotype manifests itself as a single band of enzyme activity, but under the electrophoretic conditions used the ES-10A phenotype has less anodal electrophoretic mobility than the ES-10B phenotype. In F1 hybrids (C3H/He/LacxC57BL/Gr) a third phenotype was observed, ES-10AB, consisting of three bands of enzyme activity, two of which correspond to the parental forms and the third with intermediate mobility. The triple-band pattern in the F1 hybrids indicates that esterase-10 is a dimeric enzyme protein.[1]


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