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Expression of B-lymphocyte-associated transcription factors in human T-cell neoplasms.

In this study we have investigated the expression of three B-cell-associated transcription factors in normal lymphoid tissue and in T-cell neoplasms (three cell lines, and more than 50 biopsy samples). Nuclear OCT-1 immunoreactivity was seen in normal B cells, in many extrafollicular T cells, and in a heterogeneous pattern (ranging in intensity from weak to moderate) in most T-cell neoplasms. OCT-2 immunostaining was primarily restricted in normal lymphoid tissue to B cells, and was absent from most T-cell neoplasms. In contrast, immunostaining for BOB-1/OCA-B--essentially restricted to B cells in normal lymphoid tissue, with the exception of activated T-lymphocytes--was seen in all of the T-cell lines tested and the majority of the tumor cells in all categories of T-cell lymphoma. Thus labeling for each of these three B-cell-associated transcription factors can be seen to varying degrees in T-cell neoplasms. However, the high frequency of BOB-1 expression in T-cell neoplasms, in contrast to its absence from resting peripheral T cells, suggests that its expression might be a prerequisite for neoplastic transformation, and prompts a search for the transcriptional target(s) of this factor in T cells.[1]


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