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Spatio-temporal analysis of the RNAs, coat and movement (p7) proteins of Carnation mottle virus in Chenopodium quinoa plants.

Time-course and in situ hybridization analyses were used to study the spatio-temporal distribution of Carnation mottle virus (CarMV) in Chenopodium quinoa plants. Genomic and subgenomic RNAs of plus polarity accumulated linearly with time, whereas the corresponding minus strands reached a peak during infection in inoculated leaves. Analyses of serial tissue sections showed that plus polarity strands were localized throughout the infection area, whereas minus strands were localized at the borders of the chlorotic lesions. The accumulation kinetics of the coat protein (CP) and the p7 movement protein (MP) as well as their subcellular localization were also studied. Unlike most MPs, CarMV p7 showed a non-transient expression and a mainly cytosolic location. However, as infection progressed the presence of p7 in the cell wall fraction increased significantly. These results are discussed on the basis of a recent model proposed for the mechanism of cell-to-cell movement operating in the genus Carmovirus.[1]


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