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Super-activated interferon-regulatory factors can enhance plasmid immunization.

We have been investigating the adjuvant properties of two super-activated interferon-regulatory factors (IRFs), IRF-3(5D) and IRF7/3A, identified in our previous studies of structure-function relationships, for enhancing plasmid vaccines. Intramuscular injection of plasmid cocktails encoding IRF-3(5D) and IRF7/3A molecules elicited cytotoxic T cell responses in over 80% of mice following a single immunization compared to a 20% response-rate using a control cocktail. Most interestingly, greater than 60% of mice immunized with the super-activated IRFs developed antigen-specific antibodies compared to 0% of the mice in the control group. Finally, vaccines which incorporated the super-activated IRFs provided greater protection against challenge with a recombinant vaccinia virus. These results support further investigation of the potential of these agents as adjuvants for genetic immunization.[1]


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