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The influence of different sample collection types on the levels of markers used for Down's syndrome screening as measured by the Kryptor Immunosassay system.

BACKGROUND: In a rapid point-of-care screening programme for chromosomal anomalies, analysis of biochemical markers in maternal blood can now be accomplished in a rapid time frame (less than 20 min). The need to leave whole blood samples some 10 min for coagulation and a further 5 min for centrifugation adds additional processing time. METHODS: The possibilities for reducing this processing time were investigated using various anticoagulated blood collection systems and the Kryptor analytical platform. Plasma levels of alpha-fetoprotein ( AFP), pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A ( PAPP-A) and free human chronic gonadotrophin beta-subunit (beta-hCG) were compared with those in maternal serum. RESULTS: From the mean results from ten patients it was shown that use of heparin plasma resulted in a statistically significant reduction in levels of PAPP-A and that EDTA plasma reduced the levels of PAPP-A dramatically. For AFP, levels in citrated plasma and EDTA plasma were also significantly reduced, whereas levels of free beta-hCG were not affected. CONCLUSION: Use of alternative sample types for PAPP-A is not possible. The sample of choice for first trimester screening using the Kryptor platform is maternal serum.[1]


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