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Study of the catalytic behavior of montmorillonite/iron(III) and Mn(III) cationic porphyrins.

Two samples of montmorillonite (one of Brazilian origin, BNC1 clay, and the other STX-1, supplied by the Clay Mineral Society Repository (University of Missouri, USA) were allowed to react with biomimetic metalloporphyrins of Fe(III) and Mn(III) in cationic form. The compounds were characterized by several techniques, showing that the metalloporphyrins molecules were adsorbed at the surface of the clay platelet crystals. The catalytic activities of the intercalated complexes for the oxidation of alkane were dependent upon the concentration of the porphyrin immobilized in the clay and factors such as the metal ion species in the porphyrins, choice of solvent, and concentration of the iodosylbenzene oxidant. Good selectivity to cyclohexanol instead of cyclohexanone was observed for the catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane by iodosylbenzene.[1]


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