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Investigation of acute toxicity of deltamethrin on guppies (Poecilia reticulata).

Deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid pesticide contaminating aquatic ecosystems as a potential toxic pollutant, was investigated in the present study for acute toxicity. Guppy fish (Poecilia reticulata) were selected for the bioassay experiments. The 48-h LC50 was determined for the guppies. The experiments were repeated three times and a total of 210 guppies were used. The static test method of acute toxicity test was used. In addition, behavioral changes at each deltamethrin concentration were determined for the individuals. Data obtained from the deltamethrin acute toxicity tests were evaluated using the Probit Analysis Statistical Method. The 48-h LC50 value for guppy was estimated as 5.13 microg/L.[1]


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