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Loss of expression of the WNT/beta-catenin-signaling pathway transcription factors lymphoid enhancer factor-1 (LEF-1) and T cell factor-1 ( TCF-1) in a subset of peripheral T cell lymphomas.

T cell factor-1 ( TCF-1) and lymphoid enhancer factor-1 (LEF-1), members of the TCF/LEF family of transcription factors, play a significant role in T cell development and are expressed in thymocytes and peripheral CD3+ T cells. Previously, precursor T lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma (T-ALL/LyL) was found to express TCF-1, and we find that 9 of 10 cases of T-ALL/LyL express LEF-1 as well as TCF-1, exhibiting uniform nuclear immunostaining for both transcription factors. In addition, a significant subset of cases of peripheral T cell lymphoma (PTCL), 39 of 81 cases (48%), are immunoreactive for LEF-1 and/or TCF-1, with 36 of 38 cases immunoreactive for both, indicating that these transcription factors are coordinately expressed in PTCL. The vast majority of LEF-1+ and/or TCF-1+ PTCL (34 of 39 or 87%) exhibit a composite Th1 T-cell-like immunophenotype, based on expression of Th1 T cell-associated, but not Th2 T cell-associated, chemokine receptors and activation markers. Of the Th1-like PTCL studied, 33 of 42 (79%) were immunoreactive for LEF-1 and 32 of 42 (76%) were immunoreactive for TCF-1, including most cases of angioimmunoblastic lymphoma and all cases of lymphoepithelioid lymphoma. Surprisingly, none of the 21 cases of Th2-like PTCL studied, all cases of anaplastic large cell lymphoma, were immunoreactive for LEF-1 or TCF-1 (P < 0.0001), suggesting that LEF-1 and TCF-1 transcription factor expression may be lost in Th2 T cells or Th2-like PTCL. LEF-1 and TCF-1 immunostaining can serve to identify specific subtypes of PTCL, and lends support to a bipartite model of PTCL development, based on expression of activation markers.[1]


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