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Growth and ginsenoside production in hairy root cultures of Panax ginseng using a novel bioreactor.

We tested the effect of three variables: the bioreactor system (Wave or Spray reactor), medium exchange and culture period, on the capacity of a selected hairy root line of Panax ginseng to produce ginsenosides. Among the reactors, the Wave bioreactor appeared to be the most efficient in promoting hairy root line growth. Periodic exchanges of the medium and a longer culture period increased the growth rate of cultured hairy root line and, consequently, its capacity to produce ginsenosides. Under established optimum conditions (medium exchange every 14 days over a culture period of 56 days using the Wave bioreactor), the initial root fresh weight was enhanced more than 28-fold, giving a root biomass of 284.9 g L(-1) and a ginsenoside content of 145.6 mg L(-1). It is noteworthy that this ginsenoside production exceeded by almost 3-fold that obtained during the shake flask culture of our hairy root line, although it often happens that the scale-up from shake flask to a bioreactor culture results in reduced productivities. To our knowledge this is the first time that a Wave bioreactor has been used for hairy root culture.[1]


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