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TYRP1 is associated with dun coat colour in Dexter cattle or how now brown cow?

Tyrosinase related protein 1 (TYRP1), which is involved in the coat colour pathway, was mapped to BTA8 between microsatellites BL1080 and BM4006, using a microsatellite in intron 5 of TYRP1. The complete coding sequence of bovine TYRP1 was determined from cDNA derived from skin biopsies of cattle with various colours. Sequence data from exons 2-8 from cattle with diluted phenotypes was compared with that from non-diluted phenotypes. In addition, full-sib families of beef cattle generated by embryo transfer and half-sib families from traditional matings in which coat colour was segregating were used to correlate TYRP1 sequence variants with dilute coat colours. Two non-conservative amino acid changes were detected in Simmental, Charolais and Galloway cattle but these polymorphisms were not associated with diluted shades of black or red, nor with the dun coat colour of Galloway cattle or the taupe brown colour of Braunvieh and Brown Swiss cattle. However, in Dexter cattle all 25 cattle with a dun brown coat colour were homozygous for a H424Y change. One Dexter that was also homozygous Y434 was red because of an "E+/E+" genotype at MC1R which lead to the production of only phaeomelanin. None of the 70 remaining black or red Dexter cattle were homozygous for Y434. This tyrosine mutation was not found in any of the 121 cattle of other breeds that were examined.[1]


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