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Gene Review

MC1R  -  melanocortin 1 receptor (alpha melanocyte...

Bos taurus

Synonyms: MC1-R, MSHR
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Biological context of MC1R


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MC1R

  • A DNA extraction from cheese, a preamplification of the gene and a competitive oligonuleotide priming PCR on MC1R mutations were performed [9].
  • A new allele, named E1, was found in either homozygous (E1/E1) or heterozygous (E1/E) individuals in Aubrac and Gasconne breeds. This allele displayed a 4 amino acid duplication (12 nucleotides) located within the third cytoplasmic loop of the receptor, a region known to interact with G proteins. A first genotyping assay of the main French cattle breeds is described based on these four extension alleles [10] .


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