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New apparatus and method for the toxicological investigation of metered aerosols in rats.

A new apparatus and method for the toxicological investigation of metered aerosols in rats, which is also suitable for tests in other small laboratory animals, is described. It permits: 1. simultaneous treatment of 5 or more animals, 2. administration of metered aerosol doses to individual animals, 3. ventilation of the cages, 4. mechanical tilting of the metered aerosol packs to ensure thorough mixing of the content, and 5. continuous automatic tilting, administration and ventilatied under different ventilation conditions. Blood gases and fluorinated chlorohydrocarbons (abbreviation: fluorocarbons) in the arterial blood were also determined. In tests with spontaneous ventilation of the animal chambers without positive pressure, significant acidosis and hypoxia occurred after 40 puffs of metered aerosol. Where ventilation of the chambers was insufficient, the fluorocarbons led to dose-dependent toxic and lethal effects. The substance and the additives contained in the metered aerosol did not interfere with these effects. After active ventilation with 0.5 atm no symptoms of acidosis or hypoxia were observed. Up to 160 puffs of metered aerosol, no indications of toxic effects were established in the rats. Half-life of the fluorocarbons in the arterial blood after one puff of metered aerosol was 69 to 80 sec for fluorocarbon 11 and 57 to 67 sec for fluorocarbon 12.[1]


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