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Mycology at a distance.

GermWare Mycology is an image-rich, CD- ROM-based instruction divided into tutorial and reference programs. The tutorial program, designed for new students, provides only for sequential progress through each of the subject modules, so that each page of information is seen. In contrast, the reference program allows the more experienced learner with random and direct access to each facet of information. The aspergilli, the agents of chromomycosis, the dermatophytes, the dimorphic fungi, the hyaline molds, the dematiaceous molds, the yeasts, and the zygomyces are divided into separate modules. The tutorial program also includes an opening 'isolation procedures' module, in which details of specimen collection, culture media, and microscopic techniques are presented. The random access program includes system maps separating out each of the fungal species, and flow diagrams allowing an algorithm approach to species identifications. A global map is also included through which each fungal species can be directly accessed by the simple click of the mouse. Random access to information on the ecology, clinical presentations, pathology and therapy of the various mycotic diseases is also a feature of the reference program. A series of self-assessment exercises is included at the end of each module, with immediate 'pop-up' feedback to both correct and incorrect answers. The entire program includes over 2500 screens and over 700 color images and diagrams. GermWare Mycology is available through the Colorado Association for Continuing Medical Laboratory Education (CACMLE), who also can provide continuing education credits for individuals who complete a separate examination. For more information contact CACMLE at (303) 321-1734 or[1]


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