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Disease relevance of Hyalin


High impact information on Hyalin

  • The c-Abl protein is a non-receptor tyrosine kinase involved in many aspects of mammalian development. c-Abl kinase is widely expressed, but high levels are found in hyaline cartilage in the adult, bone tissue in newborn mice, and osteoblasts and associated neovasculature at sites of endochondrial ossification in the fetus [6].
  • The first response to cyclic AMP is a locally generated extension of a hyaline pseudopod from the region of the surface nearest the stimulus [7].
  • Prevention of hyaline membrane disease with plasminogen. A cooperative study [8].
  • We have used tetracycline-regulated transcription in conjunction with a cartilage-specific promoter to target a constitutively active human MMP-13 to the hyaline cartilages and joints of transgenic mice [9].
  • These observations provide clear and novel evidence for the pathogenic contribution of PAI-1 in the development of hyaline membrane disease [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hyalin


Biological context of Hyalin

  • To explore whether increased PAI-1 production is a causal or only a correlative event for impaired intraalveolar fibrinolysis and the development of hyaline membrane disease, we studied mice genetically deficient in PAI-1 [10].
  • Double label immunofluorescent staining of frozen sections of ovary with the SCS antiserum and an antibody to the cortical granule protein hyalin indicated a dramatic morphogenesis of the SCS-containing ER (SCS-ER) coincident with oocyte maturation [16].
  • Conversion to an elastogenic phenotype by fetal hyaline chondrocytes is accompanied by altered expression of elastin-related macromolecules [17].
  • We report a case of hyaline vascular Castleman's disease with intragenic HMGIC rearrangement, due to a clonal cytogenetic aberration involving the long arm of chromosome 12 [46,XX, add(1)(q21),der(6)t(6;12) (q23;q15),add(7)(p22), -9,inv(9)(p11q13),del(12)(q15),+mar] obtained after short-term primary cultures [18].
  • Given the known angiogenic and vascular permeability activities of VEGF, we propose that VEGF plays an important role in molding the characteristic morphologic features of this tumor, namely, the formation of cysts, microcystic pattern, hyaline cystic degeneration, hyaline vessels, and vascular proliferation [19].

Anatomical context of Hyalin


Associations of Hyalin with chemical compounds

  • 41 mechanically ventilated babies who had been treated with surfactant (Curosurf) for hyaline membrane disease were randomly assigned morphine in 5% dextrose (100 micrograms/kg per h for 2 h followed by 25 micrograms/kg per h continuous infusion) or 5% dextrose (placebo) [24].
  • Pancuronium during mechanical ventilation speeds recovery of lungs of infants with hyaline membrane disease [25].
  • The composition of the proteoglycan monomer was different from that of proteoglycan monomer preparations from normal hyaline cartilages in that it did not contain keratan sulfate and chondroitin 6-sulfate; only chondroitin 4-sulfate was found [26].
  • Clonidine treatment resulted in fewer, shorter, and thinner hyaline casts [27].
  • Sodium salicylate has been shown to suppress glycosaminoglycan (GAG) synthesis by articular hyaline cartilage in vitro [28].

Gene context of Hyalin


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hyalin

  • We have generated and characterized a monoclonal antibody (McA Tg-HYL) that recognizes sea urchin hyalin as evidenced by immunofluorescence staining of the hyaline layer (HL) and immunoblot staining of the hyalin protein band [34].
  • Our findings suggest that cell-mediated TGF-beta 1 gene therapy may be a novel treatment for orthopedic diseases in which hyaline cartilage damage has occurred [35].
  • Histological and immunohistochemical staining of the newly repaired tissues produced after treatment with either mixed cells or hChon-TGF-beta1 cells alone showed hyaline cartilage- like characteristics [36].
  • Using quantitative, real-time PCR, we demonstrate that Bcl-2-deficient chondrocytes coordinately down-regulate genes coding for hyaline cartilage matrix proteins including collagen II, collagen IX, aggrecan, and link protein [37].
  • RT-PCR for VEGF mRNA of normal hyaline cartilage was negative [38].


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