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Perillyl alcohol mediated radiosensitization via augmentation of the Fas pathway in prostate cancer cells.

BACKGROUND: The management of hormone-insensitive locally advanced prostate cancer is difficult and complex and there is an urgent need for the development of effective chemotherapeutic agents intended for combination with currently available treatment modalities. METHODS: The present paper demonstrates the effectiveness of the monoterpene perillyl alcohol ( POH) as potent radiosensitizer on DU145 and PC3 cell lines by performing clonogenic survival assays, cycle analysis, and assays to detect viability, apoptosis, and Fas receptor/ligand by flow cytometry. RESULTS: POH pretreatment resulted in a dose dependent sensitization to kill cell by radiation. Furthermore, POH treatment induced a transient G(2)/M arrest, enhanced the expression of the membrane bound form of the Fas ligand and sensitized the cells to Fas mediated apoptosis. CONCLUSIONS: The unique manner of radiosensitization in addition to its low toxicity profile makes POH a promising new agent for preclinical evaluation as a potential radiosensitizer in the treatment of prostate cancer.[1]


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