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Serum antidiuretic hormone levels in patients with unilateral Meniere's disease.

OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS: Prior studies have indicated a possible role of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) in the pathogenesis of Meniere's disease. Animal studies have shown presence of ADH receptors in the inner ear, and chronic vasopressin administration has been shown to induce endolymphatic hydrops. Furthermore, elevation of serum ADH levels in human has been noted in patients with Meniere's disease. The goal of the study report was to analyze ADH levels in a series of patients with definite unilateral Meniere's disease to further investigate this relationship. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective analysis METHODS: Antidiuretic hormone levels were obtained from 26 consecutive patients with a diagnosis of definite Meniere's disease as defined by the 1995 guidelines from the Committee of Hearing and Equilibrium (American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery). The ADH levels were drawn for each patient within one week of an acute episode of vertigo. These values were compared to ADH levels from 31 healthy volunteers. Statistical analysis was performed using a two-tailed t test. RESULTS: Mean ADH level for patients with Meniere's disease was 4.07 pg/mL (SD = 2.82 pg/mL) and for the control group, 3.37 pg/mL (SD = 1.48 pg/mL). The difference in ADH levels was not statistically significant (P >.05). CONCLUSIONS: Although previous reports have demonstrated a possible role of ADH in the pathogenesis of Meniere's disease, the study did not show a statistically significant elevation of ADH levels in patients with unilateral Meniere's disease. Before excluding an ADH-inner ear pathogenic relationship, ADH levels in patients with bilateral Meniere's disease should be investigated.[1]


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