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Salt stress activation of wound-related genes in tomato plants.

Plants respond to various stresses by expressing distinct sets of genes. The effects of multiple stresses on plants and their interactions are not well understood. We have discovered that salt stress causes the accumulation of proteinase inhibitors and the activation of other wound-related genes in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) plants. Salt stress was also found to enhance the plant's response to wounding locally and systemically. The tomato mutant (def-1), which has an impairment in the octadecanoid pathway, displayed a severe reduction in the accumulation of proteinase inhibitors under salt stress, indicating that salt stress-induced accumulation of proteinase inhibitors was jasmonic acid dependent. The analysis of salt stress in another tomato mutant, spr-1, which carries a mutation in a systemin-specific signaling component, and transgenic tomato plants that express an antisense-prosystemin cDNA, showed that prosystemin activity was not required for the salt- induced accumulation of proteinase inhibitors, but was necessary to achieve maximal levels. These results suggest that a prosystemin independent- but jasmonic acid-dependent pathway is utilized for proteinase inhibitor accumulation in response to salt stress.[1]


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