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The major soluble 19.6 kDa protein of the organic shell matrix of the freshwater snail Biomphalaria glabrata is an N-glycosylated dermatopontin.

The major Biomphalaria glabrata shell matrix protein of 19.6 kDa was isolated by preparative electrophoresis and sequenced. The sequence of 148 amino acids showed 32% sequence identity to mammalian dermatopontin sequences and 34-37% identity to two invertebrate dermatopontins described previously. A unique feature of the shell matrix dermatopontin was the presence of a single N-glycosylation consensus sequence, the asparagine of which was completely modified with a pentasaccharide. Sequence analysis of this short N-glycan by mass spectrometry and carbohydrate composition analysis indicated that it was the ubiquitous N-glycan core oligosaccharide with the exception that the terminal mannoses were 3-O-methylated. Dermatopontin is widespread in mammalian extracellular matrices, including the matrix of biominerals such as bone and teeth. Its occurrence in an invertebrate biomineral indicates that such phylogenetically distant biomineral-forming systems as vertebrate bone and mollusk shell share components which have undergone surprisingly few changes during a long evolution.[1]


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