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Gene Review

DPT  -  dermatopontin

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Dermatopontin, TRAMP, Tyrosine-rich acidic matrix protein
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Disease relevance of DPT


Psychiatry related information on DPT

  • Although PO ketamine/midazolam provided superior sedation and amnesia compared to IM DPT, this regimen may require the supervision of an anesthesiologist for safe use [4].

High impact information on DPT


Chemical compound and disease context of DPT


Biological context of DPT


Anatomical context of DPT

  • We also investigated the effects of cytokines and matrix collagen on dermatopontin expression in normal cultured fibroblasts [1].
  • Expression of dermatopontin is not limited to connective tissue, as Northern blots show specific mRNAs in cultured fibroblasts, muscle, heart, pancreas, and lung [12].
  • We found that the T cell clones CFTS4:2.80 and CFTS4:2.6 with the required restriction element responded to the house dust mite antigen DPT presented by I937 but not U937, whereas CFTS4:3.1, which is not HLA-DR restricted, did not respond to either cell line [14].
  • A new combined DPT-Poliovirus vaccine (DPTP) has been developed in France. It contains the DPT components mixed with poliovirus antigens, prepared by culture on vero cells on microcarriers, inactivated by formalin and formulated at a level of 40-8-32 D-antigen units for the type 1, 2 and 3 respectively [15].
  • Dermatopontin is widespread in mammalian extracellular matrices, including the matrix of biominerals such as bone and teeth [16].

Associations of DPT with chemical compounds

  • Infants aged 6-17 wk (n = 56) were randomly given 15 mg oral vitamin A or placebo at the time of their DPT immunization [3].
  • Reappraisal of lytic cocktail/demerol, phenergan, and thorazine (DPT) for the sedation of children [17].
  • Supplemental propofol was more frequently required (P < or = 0.02) and in larger doses (P < 0.05) after IM DPT [4].
  • Each patient simultaneously wore one 5-mg Transderm-Nitro (TDN) patch and one 5-mg Deponit (DPT) patch [18].
  • The vitrification solutions consisted of 2.75 M DMSO and 2.75 M PG in M2 medium supplemented with 1 M trehalose (DPT), 1 M sucrose (DPS), or 1 M raffinose (DPR) [19].

Other interactions of DPT


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DPT


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