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Molecular cloning and expression of a new member of the nerve growth factor receptor family that is characteristic for Hodgkin's disease.

In man, Hodgkin's disease (HD) represents the most frequent lymphoma entity whose pathogenesis is still unknown. In order to contribute to the characterization of the molecular mechanisms of this disease, cDNAs coding for the HD characteristic antigen CD30 were cloned from expression libraries of the human HUT-102 cell line using the monoclonal antibodies Ki-1 and Ber-H2. The open reading frame of the cDNA that can be translated from two mRNA species of 2.6 kb, and 3.8 kb, respectively, predicts a 595 amino acid protein with leader, extracellular, single transmembrane, and intracellular domains. When expressed in COS-1 cells, the cDNA presented properties comparable to native CD30 antigen. The CD30 extracellular domain proved to be homologous to members of the nerve growth factor receptor superfamily. Six cysteine-rich motifs could be recognized within the putative ligand-binding domain.[1]


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