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dnaR function of the prs gene of Escherichia coli in initiation of chromosome replication.

A new Escherichia coli mutant named dnaR, which was temperature sensitive in initiation of DNA replication, has been characterized through identification of the mutant gene. A 1.65 x 10(3) base-pair chromosomal DNA fragment isolated from wild-type cells, but not the corresponding fragment from the dnaR mutant, exhibited an activity that reversed temperature-sensitive growth of the mutant. The DNA fragment was found to include the entire prs-coding sequence and specify a 34,000 M(r) protein with phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase activity. The dnaR mutation resided within the prs-coding segment and made the synthetase thermolabile. The coding segment for the dnaR product was determined, by introduction of various mutations into the cloned fragment, to be the same as that for the synthetase. The dnaR function of the prs gene product in DNA replication is discussed on the basis of an observation that thermal treatment of the dnaR mutant caused a delay in initiation of chromosome replication after the downshift, despite the presence of the synthetase activity at the preheat level.[1]


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