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Electrophysiological actions of the pimobendan metabolite, UD-CG 212 Cl, in guinea pig myocardium.

Pimobendan (UD-CG 115 BS), an inotropic agent and inhibitor of type III phosphodiesterase activity, is demethylated in vivo to form UD-CG 212 Cl, which is a more potent type III phosphodiesterase inhibitor. This study examined cyclic AMP (cAMP)-mediated actions of UD-CG 212 Cl. In guinea pig papillary muscles, UD-CG 212 Cl increased cAMP and stimulated Ca(++)-dependent slow action potentials (APs) in a dose-dependent manner. When compared to previous studies using pimobendan, UD-CG 212 Cl was approximately 100-fold more potent. UD-CG 212 Cl had no additional effects on slow APs in the presence of a maximal dose of isoproterenol (1 microM). Propranolol had little effect on UD-CG 212 Cl-induced slow APs. These results, along with previous studies, indicate that slow AP induction by UD-CG 212 Cl was cAMP-dependent, and the increase in cAMP levels was most likely due to phosphodiesterase inhibition and not beta receptor stimulation. Experiments with tetraethylammonium.Cl suggested that UD-CG 212 Cl probably did not induce slow APs by blocking K+ channels. In voltage-clamped ventricular myocytes UD-CG 212 Cl (100 microM) could stimulate Ca++ current (+21 +/- 5%) when basal cAMP levels were enhanced with a submaximal dose of isoproterenol (10(-9)-10(-8) M). Isoproterenol was not required to observe the stimulating effect of UD-CG 212 Cl on Ca++ current in intact, nondialyzed cells prepared using the nystatin-perforated patch method. Studies with the stereoisomers of UD-CG 212 Cl showed that the D-isomer was more potent than the L-isomer.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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