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Human-mouse homologies in the region of the polycystic kidney disease gene (PKD1).

Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (PKD1) is linked to the alpha-globin locus near the telomere of chromosome 16p. We established the existence of a conserved linkage group in mouse by mapping conserved sequences and cDNAs from the region surrounding the PKD1 gene in the mouse genome. Results obtained with the BXD recombinant strain system and somatic cell hybrids show the homologous region to be located on mouse chromosome 17 near the globin pseudogene Hba-ps4, an unprocessed alpha-like globin gene. The markers we mapped are widely distributed over the region known to contain the PKD1 gene, and it is therefore likely that the mouse homologue of PKD1 is also located on mouse chromosome 17.[1]


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