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Mutations at the Arabidopsis CHM locus promote rearrangements of the mitochondrial genome.

Nuclear recessive mutations at the chloroplast mutator ( CHM) locus of Arabidopsis produce a variegated phenotype that is inherited in a non-Mendelian fashion. Molecular analysis of the cytoplasmic genomes of variegated plants from two independent chm mutant lines, using specific chloroplast and mitochondrial probes, showed that the chm mutations reproducibly induce the appearance of specific new restriction fragments in the mitochondrial genome. The presence of these restriction fragments cosegregated with the variegated phenotype in the progeny of crosses between mutant and wild-type plants. Sequence analysis of one of the new restriction fragments found in the variegated plants suggested that it was the product of a rearrangement event involving regions of the mitochondrial genome. Thus, it appears that the CHM locus may encode a protein involved in the control of specific mitochondrial DNA reorganization events.[1]


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