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Gene Review

VAR1  -  ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 5

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: FTSH5, K5J14.13, K5J14_13, VARIEGATED 1
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High impact information on VAR1


Biological context of VAR1


Anatomical context of VAR1


Associations of VAR1 with chemical compounds

  • Nineteen mutants displaying high levels of somatic Ac activity, as judged by their highly variegated phenotypes, were isolated after screening the M2 generation on streptomycin-containing medium [7].

Other interactions of VAR1

  • These observations led us to examine whether VAR1 and VAR2 form a complex [1].
  • The stable, recessive Arabidopsis variegated 3 (var3) mutant exhibits a variegated phenotype due to somatic areas lacking or containing developmentally retarded chloroplasts and greatly reduced numbers of palisade cells [8].
  • Nongreen sectors of variegated leaves lacking Thf1 expression contain plastids that accumulate membrane vesicles on the interior and lack organized thylakoid structures [9].


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