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Expression of an Erwinia sp. gene encoding diphenyl ether cleavage in Escherichia coli and an isolated Acinetobacter strain PE7.

An Acinetobacter strain PE7 with the ability to grow on salicyclic acid and to degrade diphenyl ethers was isolated from a petroleum waste pit in Louisiana. A cloned Erwinia sp. dpe gene encoding diphenyl ether cleavage was introduced into PE7 in order to enhance its degradative ability. A broad-host-range expression plasmid, pDPE2388, was constructed by inserting an SspI-HpaI fragment from a dpe gene-containing plasmid, pDPE7321, into the kanamycin resistance gene of plasmid pKT230. The DNA fragment contained the dpe gene flanked between sp6 and T7 promoters. Transconjugants of pDPE2388 plasmid into PE7 were isolated. Expression of the dpe gene in Escherichia coli or PE7 displayed a degradative ability to cleave the following diphenyl ethers: 4-chlorodiphenyl ether, 4-nitrodiphenyl ether, and 4-hydroxydiphenyl ether.[1]


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