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SOS system induction in Escherichia coli cells with distinct levels of ribonucleotide reductase activity.

The UV-mediated induction of recA and sfiA genes in Escherichia coli cells with distinct levels of dATP has been studied. Low levels of dATP were obtained by using either a temperature-sensitive ribonucleotide (RDP) reductase-deficient ( nrdA) mutant or a wild-type strain treated with hydroxyurea. High pools of dATP were achieved by using a plasmid overproducing RDP reductase. The results obtained show that expression of the recA and sfiA genes was inhibited neither in the UV-irradiated nrdA mutant at 42 degrees C nor in the wild-type strain in the presence of hydroxyurea. Likewise, the increase of the dATP pool did not enhance recA and sfiA gene expression after UV irradiation. All these data suggest that the basal level of dATP is not a limiting factor in the process of induction of the SOS system in Escherichia coli.[1]


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