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The disaccharide L-alpha-D-heptose1-->7-L-alpha-D-heptose1-->of the inner core domain of Salmonella lipopolysaccharide is accessible to antibody and is the epitope of a broadly reactive monoclonal antibody.

We generated a panel of mAb containing at least one specificity against each of the known chemotypes of the Salmonella LPS core domain and used them to investigate the accessibility of core determinants in smooth LPS. Most of the mAb were reactive with at the most three chemotypes of the core as determined by enzyme immunoassay and failed to bind smooth LPS or any of the complete cores of E. coli. One mAb, MASC1-MM3 (MM3), reacted with six different Salmonella core chemotypes, the R2 core of Escherichia coli and a variety of smooth LPS. This mAb reacted equally well with live and heat-killed bacteria. It bound to 123 of 126 clinical isolates of Salmonella and 11 of 73 E. coli strains in a dot-immunoblot assay. Typical ladder-like patterns of bands were observed after immunoblotting of this mAb against electrophoretically resolved smooth LPS from the five major serogroups of Salmonella species (A, B, C1, D1, and E). MM3 had no reactivity with BSA conjugates of O-Ag polysaccharides from the above serogroups confirming specificity for a core epitope. Polysaccharides derived from or synthetic saccharides representative of the various chemotypes of Salmonella LPS core were tested as competitive inhibitors of the binding of MM3 to LPS. The results led to a conclusion that MM3 recognizes the structure, L-alpha-D-Heptose1-->7-L-alpha-D-Heptose1-->disaccharide present as a branch in the Ra, Rb1, Rb2, Rb3 and Rc but lacking in the Rd1, Rd2, and Re chemotypes of the Salmonella LPS core. This disaccharide seems free and accessible on the basis of the previously calculated conformations of the Salmonella (Ra) and E. coli complete cores (R1, R2, R3, R4, and K12). It therefore defines or contains an epitope within the inner core subdomain of Salmonella LPS that is accessible to antibody in long-chained LPS and in intact bacteria with complete LPS.[1]


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