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Characterization of isofunctional ring-cleaving enzymes in aniline and 3-chloroaniline degradation by Pseudomonas acidovorans CA28.

During degradation of aniline and 3-chloroaniline, respectively, by Pseudomonas acidovorans CA28, selective induction of two catechol 1,2-dioxygenases (C12O) was observed. C12O I activity was the sole ring-cleaving enzyme detectable in cell-free extracts after growth on aniline, while C12O II was exclusively found after growth on 3-chloroaniline. Both enzymes were clearly differentiated by their elution behaviour on DEAE-cellulose and their substrate specificities. For C12O I high activity was demonstrable only with unsubstituted catechol, while C12O II showed preference for and high affinity towards chlorinated catechols. Therefore, evidence of different ortho-cleavage enzymes in Pseudomonas acidovorans CA28 involved in aniline and 3-chloroaniline metabolism, respectively, is indicated.[1]


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