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Frequency and distribution of talc contamination in patients with silicone gel-filled breast implants.

Talc was found to contaminate peri-implant scars in patients with silicone gel-filled breast prostheses resulting from the physical interaction between implant and surgical glove. This study reports the frequency and distribution of the problem and its relationship to changes in glove manufacture. Peri-implant scar tissue, obtained from a population with breast implants, was evaluated for talc. Patients were considered positive if more than two talc particles were seen intracellularly in more than two microscopic fields. The largest Texas glove manufacturer stopped using talc in 1983. Patients were grouped to demonstrate the difference in talc exposure in Texas after this manufacturing change. Of those receiving implants before 1984, 136 of 140 were positive for talc. Of those receiving implants after 1983, 24 of 54 were positive (p < 0.000; RR = 42.5; CI: 13.7-131.6). Widespread prevalence of contamination was evidenced by findings of talc in patients from various facilities, different surgeons, and multiple sites within Texas.[1]


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