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Gloves, Surgical

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  • RESULTS: The mean (SD) latex protein concentrations were 324 (227) micrograms/g in powdered surgical gloves and 198 (104) micrograms/g in powdered examination gloves [17].
  • Talc was found to contaminate peri-implant scars in patients with silicone gel-filled breast prostheses resulting from the physical interaction between implant and surgical glove [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gloves, Surgical

  • The purpose of this study was to determine if electrosurgery could alter the integrity of latex surgical gloves [19].
  • When the glove consumption per healthcare worker for each department was grouped into tertiles, the prevalence of latex skin test positivity was greater in the higher tertiles of glove use for sterile (surgical) gloves (P < 0.005) but not for examination gloves [17].
  • In 72 cases of minor penile surgeries, including circumcision (42), meatotomy (18), meatoplasty (8) and chordee correction (4), a ring cut from a surgical glove finger was used as a tourniquet at the base of the penis after infiltrating the skin and the glans with plain 1% xylocaine [20].
  • For gloves in use during July, 1993, extractable allergen levels ranged from < 10 to 5,500 AU/mL among nine lots of examination gloves, from < 10 to 2,300 AU/mL among 13 lots of surgical gloves, and from < 10 to 1,000 AU/mL among five lots of chemotherapy, autopsy, or utility gloves [21].


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