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Selective elimination of I(K,slow1) in mouse ventricular myocytes expressing a dominant negative Kv1.5alpha subunit.

Although previous studies have revealed a role for the voltage-gated K+ channel alpha-subunit Kv1.5 (KCNA5) in the generation of the 4-aminopyridine (4-AP)-sensitive component of delayed rectification in mouse ventricles (IK,slow1), the phenotypic consequences of manipulating IK,slow1 expression in vivo in different (mouse) models are distinct. In these experiments, point mutations were introduced in the pore region of Kv1.5 to change the tryptophan (W) at position 461 to phenylalanine (F) to produce a nonconducting subunit, Kv1.5W461F, that is shown to function as a Kv1 subfamily-specific dominant negative (Kv1.5DN). With the use of the alpha-myosin heavy chain promoter to direct cardiac-specific expression, three lines of Kv1.5DN-expressing (C57BL6) transgenic mice were generated and characterized. Electrophysiological recordings from Kv1.5-DN-expressing left ventricular myocytes revealed that the micromolar 4-AP sensitive IK,slow1 is selectively eliminated. The attenuation of IK,slow1 is accompanied by increased ventricular action potential durations and marked QT prolongation. In contrast to previous findings in mice expressing a truncated (DN) Kv1.1 transgene; however, no electrical remodeling is evident in Kv1.5DN-expressing ventricular myocytes, and the (Kv1.5DN-induced) elimination of IK,slow1 does not result in spontaneous ventricular arrhythmias.[1]


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