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Interaction of the MAGUK family member Acvrinp1 and the cytoplasmic domain of the Notch ligand Delta1.

The evolutionarily conserved Notch signal transduction pathway regulates cell fate and cellular differentiation in various tissues and has essential functions in embryonic patterning and tumorigenesis. Cell-cell signaling by the Notch pathway is mediated by the interaction of the transmembrane receptor Notch with its ligands Delta or Jagged presented on adjacent cells. Whereas signal transduction to Notch expressing cells has been described, it is unclear whether Delta-dependent signaling may exist within the Delta-expressing cell. Here, we report on the identification of Acvrinp1, a MAGUK family member, interacting with the intracellular domain of Delta1 ( Dll1). We confirmed the interaction between Dll1 and Acvrinp1 by pull-down experiments in vitro and in a mammalian two-hybrid system in vivo. We delimited the fourth PDZ domain of Acvrinp1 and the PDZ- binding domain of Dll1 as major interacting domains. In situ expression analyses in mouse embryos revealed that Dll1 and Acvrinp1 show partly overlapping but distinct expression patterns, for example, in the central nervous system and the vibrissae buds. Further, we found that expression of Acvrinp1 is altered in Dll1 loss-of-function mouse embryos.[1]


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