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Glucagon-like peptide-1 induces a cAMP-dependent increase of [Na+]i associated with insulin secretion in pancreatic beta-cells.

Glucagon-like peptide-1 ( GLP-1) elevates the intracellular free calcium concentration ([Ca2+]i) and insulin secretion in a Na+-dependent manner. To investigate a possible role of Na ion in the action of GLP-1 on pancreatic islet cells, we measured the glucose-and GLP-1-induced intracellular Na+ concentration ([Na+]i), [Ca2+]i, and insulin secretion in hamster islet cells in various concentrations of Na+. The [Na+]i and [Ca2+]i were monitored in islet cells loaded with sodium-binding benzofuran isophthalate and fura 2, respectively. In the presence of 135 mM Na+ and 8 mM glucose, GLP-1 (10 nM) strongly increased the [Na+]i, [Ca2+]i, and insulin secretion. In the presence of 13.5 mM Na+, both glucose and GLP-1 increased neither the [Na+]i nor the [Ca2+]i. In a Na+-free medium, GLP-1 and glucose did not increase the [Na+]i. SQ-22536, an inhibitor of adenylate cyclase, and H-89, an inhibitor of PKA, incompletely inhibited the response. In the presence of both 8 mM glucose and H-89, 8-pCPT-2'-O-Me-cAMP, a PKA-independent cAMP analog, increased the insulin secretion and the [Na+]i. Therefore, we conclude that GLP-1 increases the cAMP level via activation of adenylate cyclase, which augments the membrane Na+ permeability through PKA-dependent and PKA-independent mechanisms, thereby increasing the [Ca2+]i and promoting insulin secretion from hamster islet cells.[1]


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